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Flat Miss Strope encourages students during uncertain time

Posted on: May 8, 2020
Tags: Powhatan elementary

We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it a million more: online teaching isn’t our preferred method of teaching! Our teachers wish they could be with your students face-to-face, teaching and learning every day, but in our current situation, they’ve had to accept the fact that just isn’t possible, for everyone’s greater safety. However, some teachers are finding more creative ways to still be with your students during this time. 

Kindergarten teacher Alyssa Strope is one of those teachers. Her class has been reading Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, a book that features its main character, Stanley, getting squashed by a bulletin board — so his parents stick him in an envelope and mail him across the country! 

In the spirit of Flat Stanley, Miss Strope sent each of her students a mini cut-out of herself called Flat Miss Strope. “Each of my students received a Flat Miss Strope, a laminated poem about how much I miss them during this uncertain time, and directions on how to use Flat Miss Strope with a choice board of fun ideas to implement,” Miss Strope describes. She also posted a link for the students to listen to an audio version of the book Flat Stanley. 

The students love having a mini-version of their teacher to do their work with and play with them outside. “I’ve been on four-wheeler rides, played football, rode bikes, wrote with chalk, played dress up, and completed a lot of their work packets with them already!” Miss Strope laughs — she’s been busy!